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Standard terms and conditions

Dragnet Technology and Consulting agrees to provide ‘services’ to ‘the Client’ and its staff for the support and maintenance of your computing and IT systems.

The Services will be available during normal business hours. Services may also be provided during evenings, public holidays and weekends by negotiation or on request but under the general terms and conditions of this contract. Normal business hours are defined as the hours between 8:30am and 5:30pm on Monday to Friday (Australian Western Standard Time), excluding public holidays.

Dragnet will charge a service fee to ‘the Client’ at the rate of $150+GST per hour or part thereof for the provision of services. Service fees are charged in increments of 15 minutes or part thereof. Services provided outside of normal business hours will be subject to the following loadings:

Work performed between 5:30pm and Midnight on any weekday 50%
Work performed between Midnight and 8:30am on any weekday 100%
Work performed between 8:30am and 5:30pm on weekends and public holidays 100%
Work performed between 5:30pm and Midnight on Weekends and public holidays 150%
Work performed between Midnight and 8:30am on Weekends s and public holidays 200%

‘the Client’ agrees to pay Dragnet at the above rate for the provision of services.

The charging of service fees by Dragnet is based only on time and is NOT conditional upon the completion, success, partial success, failure or otherwise in resolving a given problem. Due to the complexity of computer systems and networks some problems may not be resolvable or may require additional resources to address permanently. Successful diagnosis and/or resolution of any computer problem is NOT GUARANTEED.

Services may be facilitated by Telephone, Remote Access and/or an On-Site Visit, depending of various factors including, the nature of the service or incident and the availability of remote access or communications. Dragnet may also engage a third party to provide on-site services in locations were it does not maintain a service office.

Services of the nature or type customarily provided by Dragnet shall be provided by Telephone and/or Remote Access during normal business hours unless Dragnet at its discretion deems a site visit necessary.

Services may include (but are not restricted to) one or more of the following activities: General assistance with computing or technology issues, diagnosis of problems, resolution or attempted resolution of problems, configuration or re-configuration of software or hardware settings, repairs to hardware or software, maintenance to software or hardware, installation or removal of software or software components, consulting with ‘the Client’ and its staff, consulting with third parties on behalf of ‘the Client’ , providing advice to ‘the Client’ , analyzing or researching a problem or issue on behalf of ‘the Client’ , preparing documentation, designing aspects of a computer system or network, representing ‘the Client’ at a meeting or function, relocation of computer equipment, testing of computer equipment or network systems, providing training to ‘the Client’ , any activity specifically requested or required by ‘the Client’ .

In its provision of services, Dragnet is not liability and accepts no responsibility for any resulting or consequential costs incurred by ‘the Client’ due to loss of production, loss of data, downtime or business disruption.

In the event that ‘the Client’ premises are located more than 50 kilometers from the nearest Dragnet office, ‘the Client’ agrees to pay all reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred by Dragnet Staff employed in relation to the provision of services thereof.

Service charges arising from this contract shall be paid by ‘the Client’ within Fourteen (14) days of invoice, failing which Dragnet may, at its discretion, decline to provide further support until all amounts invoiced by Dragnet have been paid by ‘the Client’





This contract shall be binding upon the parties for the duration of this contract.